Adventures in Online Dating


… and now open to online dating

Why not, right? That’s what I’m telling myself at least. It all started off as a great girls’ night. And, after a glass (or two) of wine perfectly paired with the latest episode of “The Bachelor,” it was hard not to long for a fairytale dream date — complete with glass slippers and teardrop diamond earrings (OK, maybe this week’s episode was a little heavy on the Cinderella product placement.). Following the reality-TV version of romance (excited for next week to bring on the drama and an ambulance!), my friend started telling us about her real-life new beau. How’d they meet? On, of course. Is he sweet and romantic? Of course he is. Should I give it a try? … I think you know how this night ended.

“Just use my account. I paid for it through June. I’m not going to use it.” Say no more. A risk-free way to search for single guys — I’m all about it. But, when we started talking about changing it to reflect me … how do I even start?

I write for a living (not for this, obviously. You’re probably the third person to visit my blog. Thanks, btw.), but I have no clue how to write about myself. Most of my bios have been 140 characters or less and basically say “I like eating food. I’m super clumsy.” I’m at a loss for words. At least I know I probably shouldn’t start off with “I LOVE CATS!” because then I turn into that weird, creepy cat lady (but, what if that IS me?!). I’m still not sure what’s interesting enough about me to get a guy to read more and click on that like button? (Is that how it works? Is it like Facebook?)

If anything, this experience should at least give me tons to write about on here. So, here goes nothing!

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