Adventures in Online Dating


… and now open to online dating

Why not, right? That’s what I’m telling myself at least. It all started off as a great girls’ night. And, after a glass (or two) of wine perfectly paired with the latest episode of “The Bachelor,” it was hard not to long for a fairytale dream date — complete with glass slippers and teardrop diamond earrings (OK, maybe this week’s episode was a little heavy on the Cinderella product placement.). Following the reality-TV version of romance (excited for next week to bring on the drama and an ambulance!), my friend started telling us about her real-life new beau. How’d they meet? On, of course. Is he sweet and romantic? Of course he is. Should I give it a try? … I think you know how this night ended. Continue reading

Pretty (Tough) In Pink

FlagFootball_YTeamI’ve never been an athlete. In fact, I chose to take up dance as a child because you got to dress up in frilly costumes, practice inside and perform on a stage. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of sweating outside in the sun, surrounded by bugs, dirt and all that jazz (insert comedic drums). So, when the opportunity came to me to play flag football I was a bit hesitant to say the least.

But this is the year about making changes and going outside my comfort zone. With that in mind, I agreed to join the fun and slap on a flag. I went to practice, met new coworkers, put on a “jersey” (well, a matching team T-shirt), took the field, and learned that I’m still no athlete – but that’s OK. I’m glad that I tried something new, and it may just inspire me to do things like this more often.