Finer Food Society: Restaurant Orsay

It has been a while since our last meeting at The Melting Pot, but the Finer Food Society has since had an appetite for some French cuisine. Our most recent adventure: Restaurant Orsay. It’s a small restaurant in Jacksonville that packs a lot of hard-to-find tastes, such as escargot, steak tartare, and foie gras. While I don’t think I’ll ever bring myself to try foie gras, I was up for escargot — because nothing says “finer food” quite like a slug.

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40 Things I Learned by Going 40 Days Vegetarian

As a Baptist, the concept of Lent has always interested me. The thought of giving something up for 40 (well, 46 really) days seemed so intriguing. Lent wasn’t ever something I had practiced, but I often pondered what I would try to give up…and if I could last from Ash Wednesday all the way to Easter Sunday. This year, perhaps with the influence of NOLA and Mardi Gras festivities, I decided to give it a go and give up meat. While I’m not necessarily a carnivorous gal, I do enjoy a good burger and a backyard BBQ. I knew that becoming vegetarian would be challenging, but I had faith that it was something I could easily accomplish.

It’s now been a few days since I successfully made it (piece of cake, right?). I’ve started to add animal protein back into my diet, and in doing so I found that I learned a few things during — and after — this journey. Continue reading

Cookie Chick (pea)

I wouldn’t consider myself a health nut, and I haven’t jumped on the “gluten free” craze just yet either. However, I’m a fan of cookies of all shapes, sizes and ingredients (especially when it includes chocolate). So when I saw a chickpea cookie recipe, I decided to give it a go.

Seems weird, yes, but these actually turned out to be quite delicious. I’m not sure I’d trade them in for a traditional chocolate chip cookie, but considering this little dough ball has no flour, white sugar, or eggs, it could be a “healthier” alternative.

The oozing, gooey chocolate was the killer for me. It was a perfect compliment to the chunky peanut butter. I’m actually quite surprised that I managed to snap a picture before I devoured them.

I found the recipe here in case you are feeling rather adventurous, too.

Finer Food Society

Who doesn’t love to take pictures of food? While I don’t recommend sharing EVERY meal you have (that picture of your cheerios cereal could probably be saved for another time), I do like to look back at a good meal and think of all the wonderful people I shared the experience with.

That’s the premise of the Finer Food Society. We eat to live, and live to eat. We appreciate fine foods with finer company. We’ll indulge in the local dish, and always have room to try a dessert.

This month’s meeting was at The Salty Fig. We were told that the owners started out in a local food truck and recently opened the restaurant with huge success. Most of my food looked too good that I wasn’t able to photograph it before I ate it. I’m sure another member was able to snap a shot or two before we devoured the bread pudding and skillet chocolate brownie.

In addition to the fine food and finer company, we were all endorsed as Finer Food Society members with special member cards. It’s official, everyone! I may start a new career as a food critic – or at least someone who gets to eat like one.