Finer Food Society

Who doesn’t love to take pictures of food? While I don’t recommend sharing EVERY meal you have (that picture of your cheerios cereal could probably be saved for another time), I do like to look back at a good meal and think of all the wonderful people I shared the experience with.

That’s the premise of the Finer Food Society. We eat to live, and live to eat. We appreciate fine foods with finer company. We’ll indulge in the local dish, and always have room to try a dessert.

This month’s meeting was at The Salty Fig. We were told that the owners started out in a local food truck and recently opened the restaurant with huge success. Most of my food looked too good that I wasn’t able to photograph it before I ate it. I’m sure another member was able to snap a shot or two before we devoured the bread pudding and skillet chocolate brownie.

In addition to the fine food and finer company, we were all endorsed as Finer Food Society members with special member cards. It’s official, everyone! I may start a new career as a food critic – or at least someone who gets to eat like one.