Words of Encouragement


Hunting for a job isn’t easy. It’s especially not easy when you’re applying out-of-state and are currently viewed as “unemployed.” It’s hard to express to potential future employers that I left my last job on good terms in hopes of finding a great job in a new city. (Who does that?!) There are many days when I think it’s nearly impossible to get a response from an application for what sounds like my perfect dream job. I often feel like my resume and cover letter are submitted to a black hole of online employment postings that get lost in the mix of thousands of other job seekers. How could I possibly stand out? Maybe I’m not as good as I say I am on a cover letter (and that’s a whole other blog post, I’m sure.)

Then I began to clean out my box from my old job. I found several random knickknacks and pictures I kept on my desk to liven things up, but the real treasures were the random cards and notes. This was just the boost in morale I needed. I have several thank you cards from bosses and co-workers that make me realize that what I did actually made a difference. These small words of encouragement are even better than a letter of recommendation because they’re real and from the heart. I didn’t have to ask for them, they were given as a token of appreciation. I decided to add them to my portfolio in hopes that my dream job may realize “this girl can get the job done!” If anything, they make me a little more confident in being as cool as I say I am.

2 thoughts on “Words of Encouragement

  1. And that’s not counting the endless amount of “you rock” and “you’re the best” emails! Keep your head up. One day the right company—a smart one—will realize what a gem you are.

    To Leann’s dream employer: HIRE THIS GIRL.

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