Open Mic Night

I took dance classes for 10 years, minored in dance in college and have always considered myself a pretty musically adept girl. That being said, the only instrument I’ve ever played was the recorder I owned in the fourth grade (I played a mean Hot Cross Buns). I feel (and make) music with my feet, which is probably why I was never really great at picking up an instrument and showcasing my shredding skills.
Insert Allison and her ukulele.

Lean_UkuleleThe ukulele is to a guitar as a puppy is to a dog. It’s adorable and a little less intimidating. I’ve always wanted to prove to myself that I could indeed play an instrument (other than the recorder, of course). So, my friend Allison introduced me to the ukulele and proceeded to teach me four chords that would metamorphose into several songs. I bought my very own uke and began my dexterity drills. Before long, I was making something that sort of sounded like music.
Insert a long day at work and Happy Hour Hump Day.

I’m not exactly sure what made us do it, but after a long day in the office I went out with my friends at work (Allison and Rich) and decided to hit up Open Mic Night at a local restaurant. I had only owned my ukulele for a week, and we only practiced our song for less than an hour before we decided to “just go with it.”

To watch the first-ever performance from Communications, click on the photo below:

While we probably won’t be touring the States anytime soon, I’m so glad we had the guts to get up there. This was yet another task I thought I would never do. I proved to myself that it’s OK to be a little goofy and not take things so seriously. Sometimes it’s more fun to just go with it.

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