5K and Free Beer

Celebrating my first 5K survival with some of my favorite ladies

Celebrating my first 5K survival with some of my favorite ladies

I work for a nonprofit with a focus on healthy living that offers me a plethora of opportunities to engage in activities, including running events. However, the first time I signed up for one of their 5Ks, my friend and I got lost on our way to the race and decided to go to the local flea market. It was 8am when we arrived at the “Beer Pond,” the flea market’s bar. We both ordered a Coors Light and somehow managed to crash a wedding reception (that’s too good to make up). Long story short, I gave up on the idea of being a runner for a while.

That all changed when the Y hosted a 5K race through Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. My friends at work all said they would like to run in it, so I decided that perhaps now is the time I get back in motion. So, I started my RunKeeper app and made up my mind not to ditch this one for the Beer Pond and the flea market. (I did have some motivation because they offered beer after the run…)

I trained. I ran. I survived. These were three things I knew were possible, but I never gave myself enough credit to accomplish. I wanted to give up several times, even during the race. I’m really glad I didn’t.

I’m only half way? I feel like I want to die! Maybe if I just try to finish running until the end of this song…” Rinse and repeat.

This race was one more thing I can check off of my to-do list. It felt good to finish the 5K (and grab a well-deserved beer). Who knows, maybe more running events are out there in my future (as long as they entice me with free drinks).

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