Now, I Need a Vacation: The Vacationers Book Review

the vacationersIt has been about a week or so since I finished reading the Birchbox Book Club’s first novel: The Vacationers. The book happened to show up on my doorstop the same time my monthly goodie box arrived, with a vacation theme, nonetheless. (Are you trying to tell me something, Birchbox?)

Recently, my reading list has included the latest book-to-movie stories. I’m late to the Harry Potter book trend, I suppose, but I just started The Half-Blood Prince, so I’m so close to the end! Just before reading The Vacationers, I read Catching Fire — and plan to read Mockingjay before the movie is released. So, this is the first time in a long time that I’ve been introduced (and had the chance) to read a “not-a-movie” book. (Maybe I should say “not-a-movie-YET” because I can see the potential.) Continue reading