2 Peas Become 1

Less than 24 hours!Seeing as how today is celebrated as the day of love, I was lucky enough to spend my Valentine’s Day preparing for the Peabody – Peacock wedding (or as the bride and I like to call it, #Peabodycock). Today was their wedding rehearsal, which I enjoyed since it gave me a good practice run for their photos. But even more than testing my lighting, white balance and shutter speed, it was beautiful to see their love and commitment.

Leading up to this day, amidst all the planning, flower arrangements, bridal magazines, budgeting, and saying yes to the dress, Bride Lisa said something that stuck with me (so much that I made it a special note in my iPhone).

This is all for a celebration of finding the one person you truly love. But in finding that, you come to realize how much love you are constantly surrounded by.
And it’s a beautiful thing.

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