Let the Countdown Begin

Just 27 days.
For some, it’s one day into a zombie apocalypse.
For me, it’s the start of a countdown to the trip of a lifetime.

I’ve always said that if I had all the time and all the money the one thing I’d love to do is travel. The only problem is that I don’t travel. Sure, I make the occasional summer trip to visit family in the mid-west and maybe even a weekend get-away to Vegas. But I haven’t truly broadened my horizons. I don’t even have a passport (yet)!

I need to stop SAYING I would like to do something and just DO it (it works for Nike). I even have this thing called a “fun fund” so I won’t feel guilty to indulge every now and then. It’s about time I use it!

So, 27 days to travel 9,373 miles. This trip will literally take me to the other side of the world – as far away from my hometown that I can get. It’s so far away that today is already yesterday.

I can’t truly express the excitement I have for this trip to…


So, watch out Outback. This girl is coming your way in just 27 days.