Photography Update: All About the Little Moments


It has been another long span in between posts, but that isn’t for a lack of luster in the life of Leann! In fact, I’ve had four photo shoots since my last post, and – for me – that is a LOT! Photography has always been just a hobby of mine, but it seems that as each year passes, either more friends and family are getting engaged, married, or pregnant or more are gaining faith in my photography skills. I’d like to think that it’s a combination of both. 

As I was updating the newest photo gallery to my portfolio, I was excited to see some growth since that first wedding I shot four years ago. I may not have booked up my calendar with a new wedding or engagement session every weekend, but for the hobbyist in me, seeing any amount of improvement is very promising. My ability to find the right lighting and white balance during shoots has improved, making retouching and post-process editing much faster. The amount of time during a photo session has drastically reduced. ( … unless you count the time we eat tacos and catch up about life afterward. That has probably gotten longer with each passing year, but I’m not complaining!) Most importantly, though, I’m feeling more and more relaxed behind the lens because I’ve gained more confidence in getting what the client wants.

Don’t get me wrong; I still get nervous about not catching that “one” moment or missing the opportunity to get that “one” look. There is a lot of pressure that comes with photographing the big milestones in one’s life. But, with each photo shoot I’ve had, I’ve realized that it isn’t about that “one” moment. It’s about all the little moments in between. I’d like to say that my ability to position people in photos has improved, but that has never really been my strong suit. I’m OK with that. What I am good at is understanding those little moments: a shared laugh, smile, stolen kiss, protective embrace. I’m finding my way at capturing each person’s character or a couple’s chemistry through a photo. After all, anyone can stand a certain way or strike a certain pose. But, I feel that my growth has come in recognizing that the moments we may overlook are often the fondest memories we hold true and dear.

So, as I enter 2017 with a wedding job in the books and a newborn photo shoot on the way, I go in with the full intent to find those little moments — and to capture them for those closest to me to cherish.

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