Becoming a Control Freak?

Control Corrective

Back in the day, I was able to do just about anything to my skin without any crazy side effects. In fact, I actually used rubbing alcohol as an astringent (eeeek!). No big deal — until I turned 22. For whatever reason, my usually clear skin began breaking out with cystic acne and was super sensitive to even specialty face washes. At one point, it got so bad that a stranger came up to me and asked, “Have you ever heard of Proactive?” Needless to say, I felt pretty horrible and continued my search for healthy, clear skin. After talking with my dermatologist, I discovered most of my cystic acne was probably due to stress and hormones, which I was able to manage and (for the most part) clear up. The sensitive skin issue, however, has remained.

That’s why I was super excited to be one of the Birchbloggers chosen to try and review products from Control Corrective. It was seriously just in time, too, because I had just run out of my last face wash (FATE!). I received the Essential Daily Care kit, which included Gentle Facial Wash, Balancing Tonic, Crystal C Serum, and Ceramide Daily Cream. After two weeks of using these products, here’s the breakdown on each sample.

Gentle Face Wash

Control Corrective Face WashEven though this isn’t specifically for sensitive skin, it was indeed gentle on my face. The scent is fantastic, a subtle bouquet of soft floral. It also has a nice rich lather (which is something that always seems to make me happy with a face wash). I did find that it doesn’t always remove all of my stubborn mascara, but after using an eye makeup remover my skin is left free of makeup, dirt, oil — and redness.

Balancing Tonic

control-corrective-balancing-tonicThe only tonic I’ve tried before had gin in it, so I didn’t really know what to expect from a tonic for my face. I have tried a toner, so I assume it’s similar in that it’s meant to remove any left-over dirt and oil. This tonic had a smell that reminded me of honey (although it isn’t listed in the ingredients). Unlike the toners and astringents I’ve used in the past, this tonic didn’t have the same stinging feeling given from alcohol (rubbing alcohol, not gin). In fact, I believe it did just the opposite and helped add back some moisture. I’m considering adding a face tonic to my nightly beauty regime.

Crystal C Serum

Control Corrective Crystal C SerumEver since my 25th birthday, I’ve had a strong interest in keeping my youthful appearance and trying just about any anti-aging skin care products. I’ve invested in night creams, deep moisturizers, face masks — but I hadn’t yet tried a serum. I’m not really sure what to think of this product. At first, I didn’t really like it because it made my skin feel sticky. However, after giving it a chance, it seems to seal in moisture. In fact, when I would go to wash my face in the morning, water seemed to ripple off of my skin. I hope this means that it was working all night long.

Even though I love makeup and playing with different foundations and blushes, my daily goal is to have skin that doesn’t need anything to enhance it. Besides, it’s better to start with a clean canvas, right? I feel like using this serum could help with keeping my skin bright and hydrated. Plus, a little dab will do ya! It seems like it lasts a long time and is worth the investment.

Ceramide Daily Cream

Control Corrective MoisturizerThis was probably my least favorite of the bunch. I think it makes an excellent moisturizer for the day, and I like how it acted as a primer for my  makeup. However, I prefer a rich night cream; this just didn’t cut it. In fact, I noticed that the skin around my nose started to dry out, so I would personally opt for a thicker night cream to help address my dry skin areas. I have this theory that the deeper the night moisturizer, the less chance for wrinkles. I do see that Control Corrective offers a skin nourishing balm that may be more what I’m looking for.

The Verdict Is In

My sensitive skin was pretty satisfied with this sample of Control Corrective. While I did notice a few issues, I think that they offer many other products that could easily help solve my skin problems. They even have a line of acne care (where was that when I needed it?) and anti-aging products (better start now). Have you tried products from Control Corrective? Do you consider yourself a control freak? Share your beauty tips in the comment section below.


*Please Note: This post is a personal review of Control Corrective. Products were supplied by Birchbox for blog post; all opinions are my own.*

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