Birthday Cat

Birthday Cat
To my Kenzie Cat:

I’m sure you spent today much like you spend most days – sleeping and enjoying the sunlight in the bay window, watching the people, birds and cars outside. But, today is a special day – it’s your 11th birthday! (Well, today is the day we celebrate your birthday since your mother was “wild” and decided to live under Kassie’s porch. Nonetheless, today – like most days – is all about you!)

I can still remember the first day we met. I honestly didn’t want a cat (shocking, but very true) because I was still having a hard time dealing with the death of my first cat, Callie. You look so much like her, especially with your black chin. You must have known that I was hesitant and dispirited because you chose me, out of everyone in the living room, to crawl up to and snuggle your way to sleep in my lap. My heart instantly melted, and you’ve had me at “meow” ever since.

Now, that’s not to say things have always been so peachy. You’re moody, and sometimes contentious, and have (literally) climbed up the walls. You’ve pounced at me out of no where, swatted at me while I (attempt to) sing, kicked me out of my own room…but your spunk is truly a part of who you are. Your sassy attitude makes those sweet moments just that much sweeter. I know I probably put a camera in your face too much, but you’re just so cute that I can’t help myself!

I know you’ll always be there when I’m feeling down or sick, especially if I have a soft blanket that I’m willing to share. I know that you can tell when I’m not feeling myself because you’ll just stare at me and meow as if you are trying to say, “I’m right here. I honestly don’t see what the problem is.”

You’re my sweet Kenzie baby – and today you are 11. Happy birthday, cat.

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